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Uniview 4k Fisheye Review IPC868ER-VF18-B

on May 10, 2020

Fisheye aka 360º  Cameras are considered specialty cameras. They are mainly used in spots where Entire room or wide angle coverage is required. You might see fisheye cameras at your supermarket or Gas stations often. 

Model: IPC868ER-VF18-B

4k (12MP) Fisheye 360° IP PoE Camera

Where should I install a Fisheye Camera?

  • Retail Store above the Cash register or Customer Counter.
  • Dead center of any room to get 360 Coverage.
  • Great for residential use as well. Typically customers will ceiling mount these inside the house since they are somewhat discreet and offer Audio recording. 

Key Feature of the Camera.

  • Light Weight
  • Small form factor
  • Built in microphone and Speaker
  • Built in IR
  • Ability to de-warp with the correct NVR
  • PoE powered

Here is a sample image taken from the camera. This particular location is a retail location, Customer needed to keep an eye on customers during their transactions. 


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