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Linq Security, a wholesale security camera products and solutions provider works with any size dispensary or growing plants to setup a unique security camera systems and access control systems.

Our Systems include a complete design service to our wholesalers with customized system to meet there customer growing security camera needs.  Security cameras surveillance systems allow dispensary or grow facility operators to monitor their crops and growing process, ensuring that every marijuana plant is harvested efficiently and meets the highest standards of quality. Depending where cameras are placed, dispensary managers can gain keen insight into the daily operations of their facility by viewing live and recorded footage.

The growing / cultivation of marijuana seeds requires detailed attention. Reviewing video footage of growing operations ensures only the best practices are used in the process. Video enables facility managers to pinpoint unnecessary or poor growing practices. Eliminating these processes from happening in the future will help prevent low-quality marijuana products and edibles from reaching the consumer.

Dispensary managers can easily check up on their facility, employees, and level of customer service from a smartphone or tablet, giving them the freedom to be offsite without losing sight of their business. Our cloud based systems are easily configurable and can support up to 512 cameras.

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